Me? Scared? NEVER.

Anyone who knows me personally can attest to the fact that I am a super-macho He-Man who will destroy anyone and anything is his path… at least, I wish I was. In reality, I am a giant who fears for his life if a moth happens to fly too closely to him. This, of course, is completely justified because moths are the spawn of satan sent to destroy mankind with their dusty wings of doom… but anyway.

Being the manly man that I am, the list of things that actually scare me is fairly short. This list includes, but is not limited to: Moths, ghosts, demons, the dark after watching something scary, Rosie O’Donnell in a bikini, geckos, hairy armpits, locusts, having to introduce myself to a group of people with the whole “My name is… ” shtick, insects in general, women who are PMSing and clowns.

Why do we fear the things we do, though? I couldn’t possibly explain to you why clowns scare me because I don’t really understand it myself and this is the case with most phobias. Often they’re irrational, meaning that there’s no good reason to fear what we do… except with me and this whole moth thing. They really are out to get us, you guys.

Luckily for myself and most people, we don’t come into contact with the things we fear very often. However, there are some people who have really outlandish fears and even some that are downright ridiculous, but these can really have a negative impact on their lives.

For example, “Anthropophobia” is basically the fear of people. The poor sufferers of this phobia are often reluctant to go out and socialise because of their fear, with extreme cases causing the sufferer to resort to only communicating via electronic devices such as computers and cellphones andOH MY GOD I’M ANTHROPOPHOBIC.

Oh no wait, that’s not true! I don’t go out and socialise because people are stupid.


2 comments on “Me? Scared? NEVER.

  1. You’re wrong! It’s the bunnies that are out to get us… Luring us in with their fluffy cuteness only to make you their mind slave and gnaw your face off while you sleep…

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