For as long as there have been instant messaging services, there have been those who are just too damn lazy to type out messages in full words because they’re big, stupid, idiotic, moronic imbeciles.

I personally have a deep, erotic, almost obscene love for the English language and I therefore consider it important for people to properly type out messages in full English words because why the hell not?! For me, it takes far longer to think about which letters to leave out when using “text speak” rather than actually just typing out the entire word.

Seriously, how do you even begin to comprehend what someone’s saying to you when they type things like “Hey, hw r u? Wht r u dng?”… Oh My God, I nearly literally felt braincells dying as I typed that. Anyway, the worst is when someone like me, a freakin’ awesome English ninja, is Instant Messaging with someone who refuses to type in full words.

You get your fair share of LOLs and the like, but the thing I hate with a burning passion is one single little letter… and this letter is ”K”. Is it really so hard to type “Okay”? Hell, even “ok” would suffice! But “k”? REALLY?! The worst is when I type out a long message only to receive “k” in return.

If you don’t believe that I hate receiving ”k” as a response, here are a few of my responses from when I’ve received this demonic letter:

(1) Please don’t respond with that, I hate it. Thanks.
(2) F*ck off!
(3) What the f*ck?! Seriously, don’t ever speak to me again.
(4) I swear to you, I will kill you and they will never find the body.

… uh, not that I would ever kill anyone because they’re stupid… maybe.

Anyway, perhaps I’m being too much of a snob by expecting people to type the way I do, but then again, perhaps not. On the other hand, mayb I shud loosn up nd typ lyk dis? Yeahhh and maybe the sun will freeze over and fall from the sky too.


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