Ahhhh! Oh wait, No.

Being the easily scared type, I never was a fan of Horror movies. However, as I’ve grown, I’ve become slightly more adventurous and slowly but surely, I have begun to watch all the things that I never could before. In so doing, I have come to a realisation: Either I’m not as easily scared as I thought or Horror movies are just really shit.

For years, I have heard people talk about how terrifying films such as “The Ring”, “The Grudge”, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “Paranormal Activity” and others are, yet when I watch them, I find myself more amused by the horrible acting and visual effects rather than shaking in my boots at the supposed horror I am meant to be witnessing.

I can’t explain it. Perhaps I’m too analytical when I watch such films or perhaps I’ve prepared myself to not be scared by knowing all the tricks Horror movies usually employ to elicit a fright from their viewing audiences.

If you’re one of those people who actually does get scared when watching Horror films, what is it about the film that scares you? I’d really like to know what’s different between you and I. Maybe I’m so scared of being scared that I’m unable to get scared? Wow, that is some deep stuff.

Anyway, I would genuinely like to watch a film that makes me sleep with the lights on! So I am reaching out to anyone who is reading this blog. If you think you know of a Horror movie that will make me wet myself (highly improbable though), feel free to leave a comment on this post or even shoot me a tweet over on my Twitter account @NikolaiJericho.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and if your movie suggestion actually manages to scare me, you will win a fabulous prize of… absolutely nothing! Congratulations in advance!


One comment on “Ahhhh! Oh wait, No.

  1. I just read your entertaining post, and wanted to tell you that I write movie reviews, and a few horror posts that I think you’d enjoy reading as a result are:
    Because of the interesting interview I was able to have due to a lucky connection.
    And also:

    Hopefully you’ll find them interesting, either way I look forward to following your posts, if you happen to read mine feel welcome to give me feedback as I’m curious to your thoughts after what you wrote!

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