The Hypocrisy Of The “Pious” (And Others)

To begin with, allow me to say that I am supremely tired of discussing this issue because it is seriously like beating the proverbial dead horse. However, I will continue to talk about this ad nauseum until I either keel over and die or people grow up and learn to not behave like animals – actually scratch that because I have an interesting point to raise about the human/animal comparison later. Moving on.

My issue lies with my aim to combat the ideologies of homophobia, racism and islamophobia – my aim because I know how difficult it can be for one to feel as though they are being discriminated against due to the prejudices and ignorance of others. (If you missed it, you can read my piece on islamophobia here). However, the very people I am trying to protect want to rob me and my people of our rights, and in some cases, our lives.

An example: Muslim people, you know how it is when people discriminate against you due to who you are – your faith is an indelible part of you and there are people who unjustly hate you for no reason other than ignorance. So why then, do some of you turn around and discriminate against people in the LGBT community? Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of the story of Lut and etc. – I actually do read and make an effort to educate myself about what I’m talking about, so don’t feel the need to inundate me with quotes or religious scripture supporting your hate (seriously don’t do that… no, like seriously stop it).

Religious people in general are an interesting bunch. You have the few open-minded ones who realise that we live in 2015 and that perhaps, their religious texts may be in need of a different interpretation to apply to modern times, then we have the others who say nope, things must remain as they were.

I read this on Facebook the other day, just to give you a clue how some people feel about my people: “All LGBT should be required to wear a mark, to let others know they are in the area. As they are carriers of diseases and demonic activity.” – do you remember who else was a fan of branding gay people (and murdering them)? Hitler. But who cares about that, gay lives don’t matter to some of you, right?

One of my favourite things some homophobic preachers/people say is that homosexuality is unnatural and that “not even animals would engage in such a filthy practice”. Then when you point out that 1500 species of animals engage in homosexual behaviour, they turn around and say “Oh well, we’re human beings, we shouldn’t be following the behaviour of animals” – sublime, it is just SO amusing to me.

Some black people are also hypocrites, in my opinion. Like with Muslims and islamophobia, black people are unjustly discriminated against due to the colour of their skin – a part of them which they do not nor have they ever had a choice in, yet you will find that some black people are homophobic – I’m too tired to point our parallels, kindly infer.

Sexual orientation is as much apart of a person as their skin colour, I can tell you that much because I have lived this truth. I have been bisexual since the day I was born and no one can dispute that because no one else is me. You will often see heterosexual people preaching their bullshit explaining how gay people came to be. Imagine a white person going to a black person and telling them what it is really like to be black (or vice versa) – makes no sense at all, does it? This is precisely what it’s like when straight people want to discuss the intricacies of LGBT life and explain it to us.

Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of this post, I am by no means telling you to not be a homophobe – I could literally not care any less about what you do or think about anything in this world because it’s not my business and it’s your constitutional right to be a moron – my problem arises when you use your voice to try and infringe upon my rights.

People will go on and on about their right to religious freedom and how they have a right to practise and worship as they choose and then decry gay marriage being legalised. In what world does this make sense? Is it only YOUR human rights that are worth discussion and consideration? You cannot demand equality, respect and tolerance for what suits you and then try to rob others of what is rightfully ours.

This is why I do not get those who say issues like racism/islamophobia and homophobia are not the same. How aren’t they the same? At the core, all of these things aim to oppress us and rob us of our essence as human beings – do not tell me they are not the same struggle.

Just a reminder: I do not live in a country where there is no separation of church & state nor do I live in a country under sharia law so I don’t need your religion to be thrust upon me if it’s being used as a vehicle or tool for your hatred. If you have decided to espouse hatred and ignorance then cool bananas, good for you, I unfortunately haven’t.

People just generally and genuinely need to mind their own business. Worship who you want to worship, love who you want to love, etc. but don’t make it anyone else’s problem and quit telling people what your god says – not all of us belong to a religion (or more specifically, your religion) so your laws do not apply to us. Thanks.

To you who have read this piece: I am not trying to make blanket statements, I am not referring to all religious people or all people of colour, I am referring to the few who fall into the categories of what I have spoken about.

If you are offended by this piece, however, then perhaps you are the one I am speaking about – consider that. If you are a homophobe/islamophobe/racist, I’m not asking you to change (though you really should), all I ask is that you try to educate yourself rather than living in a bubble, be tolerant of one another and try to form bonds over similarities rather than increase divisions based on differences because the world is already being torn apart by those who choose to focus on our differences – it is time to change that.

Love & Light. Blessed Be. – N