World’s Best Protest… EVERRR!

Hello all my little lovely readers! I know I’ve been quiet but I’m going to make up for it with an awesome story about something that happened yesterday.

To give you all a little background, I’m doing my Honours in Media this year and it’s been pretty cool so far. That is until we found out that the exam for our research module would be a 4-hour long paper directly after we have a ton of work due. So upon learning this, my classmates and I devised an ingenious plan: We would protest the examination.

So we hatched our brilliant plan: We would all march to the course administrator’s office, lay down the law and ask… nay, DEMAND that the exam be cancelled! And yesterday, the plan was set in motion.

Our little ragtag superhero group of Stephanie, Zippy, Shivani, Tayla, Shweppes & myself all fired each other up and took the long walk to the course administrator’s office… and that’s where the plan pretty much fell apart.

As soon as we reached the door, we pushed Stephanie and Shweppes into the room to be our spokespeople and I ran to the back of the group, just in case any dookie was about to hit the fan. Then I noticed that everyone else in the group was going in, so I did too… just to present a united front.

So there we stood, the chosen 6 who were going to fight the good fight. We stood strong and proud; after all, it was all of us against one woman. We glared at her, a look of worry flashed across her face as she looked at us… and we all froze.

We all stood there in silence, hoping that one of the others would say something but no one did. That is until Stephanie, in her most confident and confrontational voice boomed: “Uhhh, we were just wondering about the exam… ?”. And then we stood there and listened to our options for the exam – none of which included not writing it.

When the administrator was done talking, we all reluctantly accepted our fate, turned around and left her office, feeling quite deflated. So in essence, we accomplished what we set out to do… minus the part where we totally didn’t.

You would think that with the propensity that us South Africans have for protest action, that we would have been able to swing the situation in our favour slightly better but, alas, it wasn’t so.

Oh well, at least I know that if there’s ever a time when my classmates and I need to band together to tackle a social injustice, we’ll be able to do it. We’ll fail miserably, but we’ll assemble so awesomely that we’d even put The Avengers to shame.

Remember: The next time you need a group of people to stand nervously behind you while you address someone, we’re available.